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Serving the Coulee Region - Wisconsin & Minnesota.
LLC & Insured. 

Whether you’re tired of mowing around a stump or have a new landscaping plan in mind, The Stump Guy, Josh Toltzman, would love to help you make your property look its best.  The Stump Guy strives to provide customers not only with efficient stump removal services and more but with excellent communication and clarity of services throughout the process. Reach out for a free estimate or with questions: (608) 515-8424

Tucker R.

“Took me an entire day and twice the cost to rent one myself and return it after the job. 10x easier and 2x less expensive to just have a pro with the right equipment to tackle it."

Emily L. 

“He was very punctual and professional, making it a super easy transaction."

Bobby S.

“He’s prompt, dependable, and easy to work with"

Ryan S .

“He was efficient and made the area look nice and clean! Highly recommend!

Dave L. 

“I have had a number of stumps removed from various properties. Josh cut the stump out deeper than any other company I have used. This helps prevent subsidence of the ground as the stump decays”

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